Die Cutting Services

Cut & Mould Components specializes in the manufacturing of quality die-cut products. With modern machinery and quality materials, we are able to provide sustainable die cutting solutions in Malaysia.

Types of die-cutting services we specialize in.

Each type of die cutting service has its own unique advantages and applications. The choice of the appropriate method depends on factors such as the material being cut, the complexity of the design, the desired precision, and the volume of production.

Die Cutting Services

Custom Die Cutting

Custom die cutting involves the creation of unique, custom-designed dies to cut materials into specific shapes and sizes. It offers maximum flexibility and allows for the production of intricate and complex designs tailored to individual requirements.

Precision Cutting

Precision Cutting

Precision cutting focuses on achieving extremely accurate and consistent cuts. It is commonly used in industries where precise tolerances are crucial, such as electronics, medical devices, and aerospace.

Kiss Cutting Services

Kiss Cutting

Kiss cutting is a technique where the material is partially cut while leaving it attached to a backing sheet or liner. This allows for easy removal and application of the individual parts or labels. Kiss cutting is commonly used in applications such as adhesive labels, stickers, and decals.

Top rated die cut specialist

Any project size

No project is too small for us; we gladly accept die-cutting projects of any size, providing our expertise and dedication regardless of the project’s scale.

Quality assurance

We implement rigorous quality control processes to ensure that every die-cut product that leaves our facility meets the highest standards of excellence.

Cost effective

Our company’s optimization of material usage, efficient processes, and precision cutting techniques helps clients minimize waste and reduce production costs.

Common die-cut applications

Die-cut Gasket

Gasket – Automotive

die-cut electronic insulation

Insulation – Electronics


Cushioning – Packaging

Shock, Sound & Noise Absorbing foam

Shock, Sound & Noise Absorbing – Studio

Air, Dust & Water Sealing – Electronics

Air, Dust & Water Sealing – Electronics

Furniture Footing

Footing – Furniture

Kiss Cut Adhesive Sheet

Adhesive Sheet – Automotive

die-cut electronic shielding

Shielding – Camera

Common die cut products

Die cut foam
Die cut PU foam
Die cut PE foam
Die cut PVC
Die cut felt & fabric

Die cut rubber
Die cut gasket
Die cut adhesive tapes
Die cut silicone

Die cut insulation foil
Die cut heat shield
Die cut acoustic
Die cut sponge

Die Cut Handwork and assembly

Value added services

We work hard to understand our customers’ needs and provide them with premium services to fit their requirements. Moreover, we can optimize our  die-cutting techniques to suit your production volume, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

  • Handwork
  • Assembling
  • Product packaging
  • Gluing

High quality die cut materials we use


Polycarbonate (PC)


Polyester film, PET film


Medical tape, VHB tape


Adhesive, Industrial tape, Silicone tape


PU foam, foam


Poron, PE foam, CR foam, EPDM foam

Die Cutting Solutions

Experience precision, versatility, and unmatched quality with our die cutting services. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

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